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Labmix is ​​a portable incubator that features a sophisticated electronic heating and cooling system coupled with high precision sensors for increased temperature control. It also allows to control with extreme precision the pressure of the gas mixture in the incubation chambers besides executing their exchange. It has 14 wells to accommodate 48 micro tubes WTA of 1,5 mL (ø = 14,2 mm). These features offer, in addition to its practicality, safety to transport mature oocytes and developing embryos between the field and the IVF laboratory. Built in aluminum, it has internal battery that guarantees autonomy of 30 hours of continuous operation. It has Datalog (data logger) of the last 24 hours and alarms (sonorous and visual) of thermal oscillation. It also allows the monitoring of oocyte and / or embryo conditioning parameters by "Bluetooth" - Android through the WTATech application, available on Google Play.

Its 4.3-inch color liquid crystal display with 480 x 272 pixels (TFTLCD "thin film transistor liquid crystal display") allows for interactivity between programming and the user through simple touches. It has the USB "bootloader" function that makes it possible to update its programming and whose functionality is of restricted use of the WTA.

Portable Incubator - Labmix (14761)

SKU: 28217
  • Dimensões (CxLxA): 300x195x270mm.

    Peso bruto: 5,8 kg.

    Número de cavidades: 56 microtubos WTA de 1,5 mL (ø = 14,2 mm).

    Temperatura de trabalho: 34,0 a 39,0°C.

    Intervalo extra de pressão: 1 a 50 mmHg.

    Alarmes visuais (exibidos na tela) e sonoro.

    Variação de temperatura: ± 0,5°C.

    Bateria (Íon de Lítio: 11,25Vdc; 8850mAh; 99,6Wh) com 50 horas de autonomia.

    (Condições dos testes: Temperatura ambiente 25°C; Temperatura do bloco 38,5°C,Pressão 15 mmHg, Reservatório de gás a 100%; Trocas automáticas a cada 4 horas; Display desligado e desconsiderando o aquecimento inicial).

    Potência máxima do carregador da bateria: 64,5 W.

    Fonte AC de alimentação do carregador: 110~240Vac - 50/60Hz.

    Alimentação DC aparelho: 15Vdc - 4,3A.

    Garantia do produto: 3 anos