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Since its founding, WTA has combined tradition and innovation to provide the most effective products on the market. Our Japanese heritage provides the strength of tradition and ancestral spirit, beginning with the courage of the warrior No Tsuna to overcome a formidable enemy, to encourage victory and ambition. Pioneers represent the ability to rise from the ashes and accomplish  breakthroughs in efficiency that characterize our Japanese ancestors, and WTA today.


The Land of the Rising Sun and WTA drive innovation through an intense desire for knowledge and constant research. Even more important than what WTA provides is why we do it, WTA strives to help veterinarians and animal reproduction specialists live better every day. Since the beginning, WTA’s pioneering culture has allowed us to reinvent ourselves when required and to define the direction of the advanced reproductive technology large animal market.

the company

WTA - Watanabe Applied Technology is a Brazilian animal reproductive technology company offering state of the art solutions for Follicular Aspiration (OPU), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Embryo Transfer Artificial Insemination (AI).


WTA products have been designed to provide veterinarians with the safest and best possible results  focusing on animal health at an economical price point.


Animal reproduction professionals around the world use and recommend WTA products because each piece is designed with precision, quality materials and fine workmanship. To maintain the highest standards, WTA continually improves the quality of products through functional and innovative research projects.


WTA’s manufacturing processes use state of the art equipment such as precision lathes, electrical discharge machining and injection molding. Quality service is always guaranteed by our skilled staff who are prepared to the needs of veterinarians around the world with proven and effective products that enable greater performance in OPU, In Vitro Fertilization, ET and AI.


Continually innovate to guarantee better products and services to the animal reproduction market and ensure sustainable development of the company and society.


To be recognized as the premier company providing the most effective, highest quality products and services for the reproductive biotechnology market.


To value teamwork and diversity of ideas and opinions. Maintain a transparent and ethical relationship with customers, suppliers, and employees.

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