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Social Projects


Winter Clothing Campaign

Brazil’s weather is as diverse as its people. Although commonly associated with a tropical climate, many regions of the country experience low temperatures during the winer. The goal of the Warm Clothing Campaign is to collect as many clothing, footwear, outerwear and blankets as possible to meet the needs of needy families and people in the municipality of Cravinhos. Our goal is to alleviate some of the suffering experienced during the cold.

Our donations are distributed by  the Association of the Franciscan Sisters of Cravinhos and the House of the Child of Cravinhos, to ensure needy children's winterare warm and cozy.

Association of the Franciscan Sisters of Cravinhos
(016) 3951-1901 // 3951-6708

Rua Dias da Costa, 624 - Centro | Cravinhos - SP
CEP: 14140-000

House of the Child of Cravinhos

(16) 3951-1202

Rua Pedro de Gasperi, 200 - Jardim Paulista | Cravinhos - SP

CEP: 14140-000

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